Backpacking in New Zealand is an amazing experience, but finding the right backpackers is not always easy. We have staying in some great backpackers and some terrible backpackers, but we have had an overall good backpacker experience in New Zealand. Below you can find all the backpackers that we stayed in, including our opinion.

The Station Backpackers [Auckland]


The first two nights on our trip we stayed in Auckland in The Station Backpackers. We paid a total of 158 NZD for a Double Room with Bathroom. The building looks old from the outside and inside, but the room itself was clean. You don’t get much for your price, but for two night it is ok. As a couple on a budget, you don’t have much options to choose from in Auckland. We give this backpacker a 5.5. It was also nice that they allowed us to check in before the official check-in time.


Rock Solid Backpacker Rotorua [Rotorua]


In Rotorua “on the north island” we stayed one night in Rock Solid Backpackers. The price of 54 NZD for a Standard Double Room with Shared Bathroom is not to bad. Also the building was clean and felt secure. The rooms have a good heater, but our room on the side of the road was a bit noisy because it was Friday and backpackers/locals were partying till late in the night. Overall we give this backpacker a 7.5.


Rainbow Lodge Backpacker [Taupo]

On our one day trip in Taupo “north island” we stayed in Rainbow Lodge Backpackers. We paid 68 NZD for a Double Room with Private Bathroom. It was a nice room with a big window, nice shower and hairdryer. The room was clean and the staff was nice. We only stayed one night, but the backpacker seemed populair and was full with young backpackers. We give this backpacker a 7.5.


The Black Sheep Backpacker [Queenstown]


Our trip through the south island of New Zealand started with 3 days in Queenstown. We booked a double room “without bathroom” and paid 210 NZD. This is a lot of money for just a room, but there are very little cheap backpackers/hostels in Queenstown. The room was clean and had a good heater (but they turn it of in the night), the staff was nice and they even offer free bicycle rental. They als have a large lounge area. Overall we think this is a nice place for backpackers and give them a 7.5.


Lake Tekapo Motels & Holiday Park [Tekapo]


In Tekapo “south island” we decided to stay in a Holiday Park instead of a backpacker. There is very little choice in Tekapo because it is a small city. We paid 198 NZD for just 2 nights, which is a lot for budget travellers. The Holiday Park however was great. Located next to the beautiful blue Lake Tekapo and mountains on the background, you simply can’t ask for a better location. Our little Cabin was clean and big enough for two or three people. You have your own BBQ and the shower/toilet facilities are very clean. If you stay in this Holiday Park there is nothing better than enjoying a BBQ next to Lake Tekapo. The only bad thing is the 2 NZD you have to pay for using the shower. We give this place an 8.


Urbanz [Christchurch]


Christchurch is a big city in the south island of New Zealand. This city has been hit by a terrible earthquake registered 6.3 on the Richter scale. The damage can still be seen all over the city. Many places are empty, churches are inaccessible and construction workers are building new buildings everywhere. Because if this there isn’t much to do in the city. Our backpacker wasn’t exciting either. We booked a 2-Bed Dormitory Room for 160 NZD. The room was very small, didn’t have any windows and there wasn’t a kitchen for us to use. The building however looked new a clean and the showers are good. We give Urbanz a 5.5.


Dolphin Lodge [Kaikoura]


The Dolphin Lodge is a nice cozy homestay in Kaikoura “south island”. The kitchen is clean and the rooms are well taken care of. We booked a Double Room with Shared Bathroom for 2 nights and paid 132 NZD. Because of the clean kitchen we finally felt like cooking at home. From our room window and the balcony we could see the ocean. You have to pay 2 NZD to use the drying machine, but it barely worked. Because of this we still had to dry our cloths outside. We give Dolphin Lodge a rating of 7.5.


Lodge in the City [Wellington]

Lodge In The City

We didn’t plan to stay in Wellington, but our flight to Bali was cancelled. Because of this we had to stay 6 nights in Wellington. We decided to book the cheapest place available, which was Lodge in the City. We paid a total of 330 NZD, which was the biggest mistake of our trip. On arrival we already got shocked by the outside of the building, but we expected that the inside would look a bit better. We were wrong… Everything on the inside was disgusting and we didn’t wanna touch anything in the kitchen, because it looked and smelled like it has never been cleaned. Because of rotten food we couldn’t breath when opening the fridge. Anyway, we just hoped that our room was clean, so we could avoid the kitchen and other public areas. Of course we were wrong again… Although is was a bit better than what we have seen in the lounge/kitchen area, it was still worse than anywhere else we ever stayed. Thinking the worst was over we decided to take a shower. HELP! There was so much mold and rotten wood that it felt cleaner and healthier to not shower at all. Water was dripping out of the roof and you could pick mushrooms from the sealing. All we can say to you is “AVOID THIS PLACE”. Our rating 0.


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