Thailand is a very popular destination for both backpackers and luxury tourists. We have visited Thailand a couple of times during our world trip and we decided to create a top 10 list of reasons why you should visit this beautiful country aswel.

In Thailand the temperature is always warm. The climate is tropical and humid during most of the year, but there are cooler periods. The north experiences 3 different seasons, while there are only two seasons in the south.

The temperature in the north is mostly hot enough to wear short pants the whole day, however the northeast monsoon can cause cooling breezes from November to February. In the south its always hot, with a wet and stormy season from April through to October. On the east coast the wet season starts a bit later.

Most people in Thailand are Buddhist. This is why there are thousands of Buddhist temples all over the country. These temples are often decorated with gold and colourful statues, making them well worth a visit.


Most people have tried Thai food at least once, often somewhere in their own country. However, you will never taste the real Thai flavours till you have visit Thailand and ate in a small local restaurant. A full plate of Pad Thai noodles or a bowl of Tom Yum soup often cost no more than $1. Don’t forget to order a delicious fruit smoothie with your meal.


The people
Mainly because of their religion and open culture, people in Thailand are very friendly. I remember the day we got invited to a funeral in Bangkok by a complete stranger, so we “the tourists” could see how a Buddhist funeral takes place. We even got gifts, drinks and snacks.

Locals also like to make a conversation and they are interested in your stories. A great time to mix with the locals is during the Thai New Year celebration “Songkran”.

Obviously this list isn’t complete without mentioning the beautiful beaches of Thailand. The coastline is full of white beaches next to the coral blue ocean, but for the best beaches you should go to one of the many islands on the south, near the Malaysian border. Some of our favourite beaches can be found on Koh Lipe and the Phi Phi island. [Click here for our story and photos of all the beaches on Koh Lipe]


Thailand is a great place to dive if you are a beginners, but also for the more advanced divers. There are many islands and coral reefs where you can snorkel or get your first diving lesson. If you visit Thailand during the right season, you could plan a trip to the island Koh Tao and meet the gentle giants of the ocean, the Whale Shark.


Perhaps not surprising, but many people visit Thailand to party. There are many known parties, such as the Full Moon party and the Songkran celebration, but in places like Phuket and Bangkok you can party everyday anywhere. You can find pubs, clubs and lounge bars in almost every street.

Thailand is home to many animals, including monkeys and elephants. We personally decided not to take a ride on the back of an elephant, but it is pretty interesting to see them and feed them. Also try to keep some distance between you and the wild monkeys, because they can be a bit aggressive at times.


Songkran takes place from the 13th till the 15th of april. During this time the locals “and the tourist” celebrate the Thai New Year by organising the biggest water fight in the world. Originally people threw water over the heads of the elderly to bless them and wish them good luck. However, this tradition has evolved into a big watertight with millions of locals and tourists from all over the world.


We have been in Thailand for many months, but the celebration of Songkran has been the most fun experience time during our stay. Check out this Songkran video we made.

Thailand has many things to offer, but perhaps one of the most important reasons you should visit Thailand is the price of food and accommodation. For less than $1 you can get a delicious meal or fruit shake. For $0.50 you can take the city bus and for $10 a day you can find a place to stay.

We managed to spend no more than $10 a day on food, drinks and snacks for two persons. Obviously we didn’t do this everyday, but if you have to you can.


We are Chris and Seulki, the owners of AtlasExplorers. We write stories based on our own experience. We like to share our adventures with the world through blog posts, YouTube videos and Instagram photos.

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