Koh Lanta is an island located in the south of Thailand. We have visited this island for six weeks in June and July of 2017. The main thing to do in Koh Lanta is relax on one of the dozen beaches on the west coast of the island. We have visited most of them and listed the best beaches below.

We won’t go into detail on every single beach, because some of them are located close to each other and look very similar. This list contains beaches that have a different look and feel, so you don’t have to search for your type of beach by yourself.

Long Beach, Klong Khong Beach & Klong Nin Beach
The 3 biggest beaches are the 3KM Long Beach, the Klong Khong Beach and the Klong Nin Beach. Most hotels, villa’s, restaurants and shops are located next to these beaches, which makes these beaches the most visited beaches of Koh Lanta. Luckily all 3 beaches are big, so it doesn’t feel very crowded.

Between Klong Khong Beach and Klong Nin Beach you wil find a small beach, located right next to the Rawi Warin Resort and Lanta Sabai Hotel. We stayed 4 weeks in the Lanta Sabai Hotel, because we liked this part of the beach a lot. We often came here to fish from the rocks or to enjoy the view from the Sea Capitan Bar.

Kawkwang Beach
Kawkwang Beach is located in the very north of the island and is one of the more relaxing beaches to visit. Kawkwang is a great beach to bring your children, because it is less crowded and there are no rocks at the bottom. It is also one of the safest beaches to swim, because there are almost no waves and the water is shallow. There is also a way smaller chance to get an encounter with a jellyfish.

Bakantiang Beach
Bakantiang Beach is one of those beaches where everyone will enjoy. It is located close to many hotels, restaurants and bars, but still has that relaxing “hippie” vibe. The ocean here is also calmer and cleaner than at the bigger beaches on Koh Lanta.

Ao Nui Bay Beach
A bit harder to find, but arguably one of the nicest beaches on Koh Lanta is Nui Bay Beach. We like this beach because there is literally nothing happening next to the beach. There is no hotel, no shop and no restaurant. Here you can experience how it feels like to have a beach all for yourself (in low-season).

Khlong Chak Beach & Bamboo Beach
Just south of Nui Bay are Khlong Chak Beach and Bamboo Beach. These beaches are more popular because they are a bit bigger than Nui Bay Beach and more accessible. There are also some restaurants and resorts located right next to the beach. These beaches are still very quiet, but at least you are able to buy a cold drink or cheap meal right from the beach.

Waterfall Bay
At the very south of Koh Lanta you wil find, according to some, the nicest beach of the island. The ocean here is very calm and you can hike to the lighthouse for an impressive view of the beach. Unfortunately this beach is located in the Mu ko Lanta National Park, which has an entrance fee of 200 baht (6 USD). It is also a long drive to get here and there are no restaurants. So bring your own drinks and snacks.

Ko Lek
If you happen to find yourself on the east side of Koh Lanta and you are looking for the beach, you are pretty much out of luck. All beaches are located on the west side of Koh Lanta. However, there is a small beach located on Ko Lek, which is a tiny island you can reach at low tide. Just drive to the small fishing village located at Tambon Ko Lanta Yai. When the tide is low you can walk to Ko Lek. It isn’t the nicest beach, but at least you can get some sand between your toes or collect some shells. And to be honest, the view of the fishing village is pretty unique.

For an even better impression of the beaches of Koh Lanta, check out the video below.


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