During our trips around the world we like to shoot photos that we can share on our blog and social media. We also publish video compilations on YouTube of almost every destination we visit. People that watch our videos often ask us what gear we use to create our travel compilations. This is why I decided to create a list of all the gear that we bring with us on our backpacking trips.

We have been traveling for quite some time now and some of the below equipment we didn’t have when we started our trip one and a half year ago. We are now getting ready for our trip to South-Korea and this is the equipment that we packed.

Sony A6000
We have been using the Sony A6000 as our main camera for the last one and a half years. We use the standard 16-50 lens kit, which has been good enough for most of our shots so far, although I do miss a good zoom-lens from time to time. We use a cheap polariser to filter out the sun reflexion. We also bring a basic gorilla tripod that we use for our time-lapse shots.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition
We can’t leave on a trip without a GoPro. Although I alway prefer to shoot with my Sony A6000, there are situations where the GoPro is a better choice. We also always bring the GoPro as a backup camera, just in case something happens with the Sony A6000.

We have just extended our camera gear with a Feiyu Tech FY-G4S Handheld Gimbal for our GoPro Hero 4 Silver. This gimbal stabilises the GoPro, which will result into extremely smooth shots. The footage will not only look smoother, but it also allows us to use more unique angles when we shoot our videos. We will test the gimbal during our next few trips and I might even write a short review after a couple of months.

Ricoh Theta
We didn’t upload much 360° videos and photos yet, but we are planning to post more soon. The Ricoh Theta is the 360° camera we use, because it is small and very easy to use.

I also bring a Macbook Air with Premiere Pro to edit our videos on. When I edit I need a good headset so I can create a compilation that syncs perfectly with the music. The headset I currently use is the Teufel Move Pro. I don’t use a Bluetooth headset, because there is a slight delay, which will result into a video that doesn’t perfectly sync with the music.

Some extra accessories we bring with use are a phone “as an emergency camera and wifi hotspot, so we can upload our videos and photos” (Moto G4 Plus), a speaker (Teufel Bamster XS), some small power banks from Xtorm and multiple hard disks.
UPDATE: We have extended our Gear with a monopod.

We pack our gear in an anti-theft backpack, called the Bobby. This backpack is cut proof, water resistant and makes it impossible for pickpockets to steal our gear.


We are Chris and Seulki, the owners of AtlasExplorers. We write stories based on our own experience. We like to share our adventures with the world through blog posts, YouTube videos and Instagram photos.

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