Just before Christmas we decided to join a two day tour to Fraser Island. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and is located just below the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Two days ago we came back home from this short but amazing trip.

Indian Head Fraser Island

Fraser Island is a one of a kind island, since it is completely made out of sand (1,840 km²). The island is listed as World Heritage since 1992 and has over 100 freshwater lakes, the only rainforest growing on sand, crystal clear creeks and miles of clean beaches. Not to mention the blue ocean and it’s wildlife.

CoolDingo Tour Fraser Island

We took a two day Cooldingo tour departing from Hervey Bay. This package is designed for young people between 18 and 35 and includes a guided 4WD tour, one night accommodation in a timber lodge, 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 2 dinners and ferry transfer from and to Hervey Bay.

Lake McKenzie

On day one we took the ferry from Hervey Bay to Fraser Island at 9:00 am. On arrival we took a giant 4WD bus to drive to our first destination, Lake McKenzie. Lake McKenzie is a crystal clear lake in the middle of the island and the most populair of all 100+ lakes. After a dive and a lunch at McKenzie we drove to Central Station “which was formerly a little town when logging was still allowed on Fraser Island“. Here we explored Basin Lake, Wanggoolba Creek and the rainforest. At the end of the day we drove back to our accommodation and enjoying a well organised dinner.

Fraser Island Scenic Flight

On day two the 4WD bus already left the resort at 7:30 am to avoid other tourists. Our first stop was at the 75-Mile Beach. A huge beach that has it’s own 80km/h speed limit. This beach is only one of the two beaches in the world where commercial scenic flights lands and takes off from the beach. “The other beach is in Scotland“. The flight cost $75 and takes about 15 minutes. Although $75 sounds like a lot, it is probably the cheapest scenic flight you will find in Australia.

Fraser Island Eli Creek 4WD

After our scenic flight we drove to Eli Creek. This is a busy tourist area, with people relaxing and playing in the crystal clear water. After one our tubing and sunbathing in Eli Creek we continued our tour to Indian Head for Fraser Island’s most spectacular views. From here you can spot many turtles and stingrays in the beautiful blue ocean. If you are lucky you can even spot dolphins, sharks or Whales during the Whale season. After a short lunchbreak we walked to the Champagne Pools, which is a natural rock pool jacuzzi. Before we headed back to our accommodation for dinner, we had a short stop at Maheno wreck and The Pinnacles to snap a view pictures.

Fraser Island Champagne Pools

Although it has been two very busy days, we really enjoyed our stay at Fraser Island. It is definitely one of the most beautiful islands we have ever visited. If you are planning to visit Fraser Island, consider spending a view more days and perhaps rent your own 4WD. It is definitely worth it.

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