About Us

Hey guys, thank you for visiting AtlasExplorers.com. Before you continue exploring our blog, let us introduce ourselves to you.

We are Seulki and Chris. A couple exploring the world, while working, eating and having fun. Seulki is from South-Korea and Chris is from The Netherlands. We lived and worked in Australia and Curacao (an island in the Caribbean) for 5 years, before we decided to travel the world.

We started our trip at the end of 2015 and have visited 16 countries since then. We are not planning to stop anytime soon and hope to visit at least 16 more countries 😉 During our trip we will update AtlasExplorers.com so you can follow us on our adventures.

If you guys are looking for travel tips, plan on visiting any of the below places or simple enjoy watching photos and videos of beautiful countries around the world, visit AtlasExplorers.com on a regular basis. We love to share our experience with other backpackers, adventurers and tourists. So don’t be afraid to check out our photos or ask us anything thats on your mind.

Lets explore this world together!!!

Countries we have visited since the end of 2015. New Zealand, Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Germany, England, Greece, Italy, Belgian, The Netherlands, Spain, Singapore and Cyprus.

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